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Photoshop for Dummies

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I’ve been trying to give my Rhaekhar-model long (well past his shoulders) hair for two days. I’ve aggrevated my bad right wrist with too much mouse work. I’ve got bald patches on my own head from yanking my hair out.

On the bright side, I am learning more about brushes and smudging. Lots of smudging. And erasers. Cause you know I can’t draw a straight line to save my life.

From the very first moment I saw the Drollerie Press website I was attracted by Deena’s artwork. Every cover she creates is a work of art. (Except for the bobble-headed plastic Barbie one but whoa, that one led to the current The Fire Within cover, and it’s smoking HAWT.) Now that I know exactly what a nightmare…I mean challenge…it is to give characters life, I am in awe.

I bow to her masterful creative genius.

I mean, she put FIRE in Chanda’s EYES in the Survive My Fire cover. I tried to give Rhaekhar’s eyes a golden tint and he either looked like a werewolf with weird greenish glowing eyes (I mean, with that crazy hair I gave him, anything’s possible) or like he’d drunk some of that Dragon Piss from The Fire Within and it did really bad things to him.

*raising one hand–my left because my right arm’s in a sling–solemnly*

I hereby promise not to give any more characters weird hair or eyes.

*grinds teeth*

Um. Well, not too weird. I mean, Ruin is a werejaguar, so his eyes really will have to glow….

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