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This week the monsters are on spring break and I’ve already lost my mind!!! So I’m giving away a triple header:

  1. Your choice of one download from my backlist: Survive My Fire, The Fire Within, The Rose of Shanhasson
  2. Off Limits by Jordan Summers
  3. My Immortal Protector by Jen Holling

I’ll e-mail your e-book choice to you immediately, and then snail mail the other two books to you. To enter, comment on this or any entry throughout this week through Friday, March 21st, midnight CST. The more you comment, the more times I’ll enter your name in the magic hat. If you don’t want to comment on the blog, you may also e-mail me once at joely AT joelysueburkhart DOT com to enter. Anybody on the planet is eligible, even if you’ve won something from me in the past. Note that I do not retain your name or e-mail address after the giveaway ends.

Edited: The Winner will be announced Saturday, March 22.

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