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What, you don’t believe me when I say I’m losing my mind? (Triple Book Giveaway this week, comment to be entered)

Last night, Middle Monster threw up in her bed. No, she doesn’t have the flu. No, I don’t believe she was sick. She’d been rewarded with the chance to stay up 15 minutes later than her sisters, but when she went to bed, they were already asleep. It was storming, thunder and lightning. And big mean Mom and Dad wouldn’t let her sleep in their room. So she threw up on her bed. Solved that problem, didn’t she? Of course by the time I stripped the bed and got her clean clothes, all three girls ended up in Mom and Dad’s room. Yippee.

On the bright side, the Shadowed Blood came to pay me a visit in dreams last night. Oh, dear. It was quite a gruesome, terrible, bloody nightmare. I was so excited I got nearly 1400 words this morning D&E before work. That’s the most I’ve written in one sitting for quite a while…

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