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Golden Artwork

I’m so thankful I met Soleil years ago.  Well, “met” on the internet — we’ve never met in person.  After reviewing some of my early work, she also began helping me as a beta reader.  She gets my voice and she shares her reaction to my work with me, so I can tell where I need to work a bit more or if I’m getting the responses I want.

A few months ago we were brainstorming in a private chat, and she suggested I run some kind of fan art contest.  At the time, I wasn’t sure when Return to Shanhasson would be available (GREGAR), so I didn’t take action, although I thought it was a great idea.  I would absolutely LOVE to commission some artwork.  Someday.

Well, the someday came very quickly when I couldn’t find the right stock photos for Golden.  I wanted something special, and if you haven’t tried to find an attractive Asian man 1). NOT holding a cell phone and 2). NOT dressed in a suit or as a ninja, then you can’t imagine how frustrating my hunt was.

Then it dawned on me.  This was my chance to commission artwork for Golden — that I could use for Romance Trading Cards.  And naturally, the first person I thought of, was Soleil.

She worked for weeks on these images, adding the small touches to make these images so much more special than anything I would have been able to find online.  I can’t wait to have these made into character cards!


6 thoughts on “Golden Artwork

  1. Very cool. These are gorgeous. Great work Soleil!

  2. These are just wonderful. I love the texture and the coloring. Lovely!

  3. *hugs* It was an honor to serve Joely! I’m SO excited, can’t wait to see what they look like as cards!

  4. They are beautiful!! Can’t wait to see the cards!

  5. *highfives Soleil*


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