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Good News Monday

As of this morning, I’ve lost 49.8 pounds this year!  Darn it, was really hoping to hit the big 5-0 but I’ll take it!

There are two new website headers up for your enjoyment.  They’re set to change randomly as you cycle through pages.  Thank you Dawn at BookGraphics for these latest additions!  She’s also working on a “blue lady” one that should be pretty cool/interesting.

I’m having FUN with the Zombie Category Romance.  Sometimes it’s nice to just have fun and relax.  Not that I didn’t work to plot and develop this story, because I did.  It’s just one of those fun brain teaser sort of stories that made me grin when I think about it.

I have a lot to finish by the end of August, which is already making me a little twitchy.  Several blog visits, the Carina Press stuff for Golden’s release at the end of the month, Romance Trading Cards to get printed, Victor’s print release to prep for next month….  Somehow it’ll all get done.  I hope.

Any good news to share?

7 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Woot! Awesome news! Congrats, and good luck on your zombie category

  2. Congratulations on almost 50 pounds lost!! That is amazing.

  3. Holy crap! I’m not gonna recognize you when I see you again, am I? *hugs* You amaze me ever day, Sis.

    As for good news, I’ve been making some pages on an old story, and that’s aways good. It feels good to get that few steps closer to closure, ya know? It’s not the steampunk, but it is a “historical” (remember the Regency one, Sis?), and I’m terribly fond of it. It has affected my speech patterns. I’ve become quite proper.

    Dammit. *snerk*

    1. Yay, that’s awesome, Sis! I love that story.

  4. *everY

    Sheesh. Ayee tiip gud.

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