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Good News Monday

The BEST news:  the monsters are headed back to school today!!  Of course, they don’t think this is such great news….

I also finished edits to Vicki (YOURS TO TAKE) this weekend and got them shipped back to my editor.  Wheeee!

I finished a ton of prep work for back to school, including organizing my generic “bill box” catch all of school papers, tests, homework, bills, to-be-filled items, etc. into a small hanging file basket.  Each kid has two folders, one for immediate work and the other for reference (the class handbook, master spelling lists, etc.)  I also prepped my erase-board calendar with PE and library days, weekly spelling tests, etc.  Then I scrambled an 18-ct pack of eggs while That Man fried up a huge pack of bacon and we made a pile of breakfast burritos to stick in the freezer.  (Breakfast is really hard each day because they get tired of their choices after a day or two.)

I loaded two more sci-fi or exotic themed website banners this weekend featuring a “blue painted lady.” 

I ordered RTCs for Golden using Soleil’s gorgeous artwork!  I can’t wait to start mailing them out.

This week, my to-do list is pretty steep.  I have a ton of blog posts and prepwork to finish for Golden’s release at the end of the month.  Plus I’d like to get started on The Bloodgate Warrior edits.  Not to mention new words on the zombie category and Phantom.  If I don’t get these projects going, Vicki will be pretty lonely on the 2012 schedule…

What’s your good news?

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