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RBW Week 7

Romance Biggest Winner

So much for hitting the big 5-0. 

Ugh, my first gain, -.97%.  No, it wasn’t “deserved” either.  I’ve eaten within my Weight Watchers points every single day, even though I had a few Doritos (a serving, carefully counted and allotted) and two tiny cheesecake bites over the weekend.  My PMS cravings were killing me, but I stayed in my daily point range.

It sucks to be UP when I’ve been on plan all week, but my body has a mind of its own.  I can only do what I can do, and the scale has been up for two days in a row.  I know next week will be better.  I’m doing all the right things.  Eventually it’ll show on the scale.

Last night I made what’s quickly becoming a family favorite:  Lasagna from the WW Just 5 cookbook.  I use at least 90% lean ground beef, lots of organic Bertoli pasta sauce (our favorite), fat free or part skim ricotta (depending on what I can find), fat free cottage cheese, and part-skim mozarella.  I also use the old-style “boil” lasagna noodles.  Maybe it’s all in my head, but they seem to cook up so much better (and taste better) than the no-boil kind, so they’re worth a little extra time.

I had a 5-lb pack of 90% lean ground beef in the fridge from our Sam’s Club run this weekend, so I browned up the entire pack.  I made two dishes of lasagna, one for dinner and a smaller one for lunches and leftovers, while the rest of the hamburger browned in my iron skillet for tacos tonight.

Kid approved and deliciously slim!

2 thoughts on “RBW Week 7

  1. Sounds yummy. I sometimes miss things like lasagna but gave found subs with cabbage, etc. I admire your tenacity! It’ll get you there, like my husband. He uses and hasn’t missed a day in 15 months tracking everything he eats. He’s lost 50 pounds and is at target. Being grainfree, I focus on keeping carbs under 100g and protein over 100g and it seems to keep me level.

  2. I hate when the scale doesn’t cooperate! Sometimes you just hit a plateau, and it’s soooo easy to say, “But I’ve been so good! I deserve a treat, even though the scale didn’t budge. It’ll make me feel better, and I totally deserve it!”

    Thus, you are my hero, Sis. Of course, I know you have stick-to-it power because you stuck to that no-sodium diet despite all possible temptation. You got dig-in-heels!

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