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Good News Monday

The best news….  MONDAY IS ALMOST OVER.

Yes, it was one of those days.  It’s going to be one of those weeks.  It’s become very clear to me that I don’t always respond well under pressure, contrary to my exuberant claims otherwise all these years.  There are certain stressors that I *do* respond well to.  Big projects don’t scare me, nor do tight deadlines.  Long hours, impossible timelines, not a problem.

WHEN…  I know what the @#&%* I’m doing. 

I’m very uncomfortable with the programming language I’m working in right now, so I have this nagging, constant terror.  I don’t have the absolute confidence that I can and will get it done, no matter what it takes…because I just don’t know what I’m doing.  Or why.  UGH.  I hate it.  I’m constantly asking (bugging!) people for help and my deadline looms terrifyingly close, while I’m dinking around with stuff that should be basic.

Anyway, that’s why my posts have been less lately.  Through the end of this month, I’m going to be a stressed out wreck with no finger nails, constant headaches, and churning stomach from all the coffee.  Plus the scale will probably be up too.  Le sigh.

So I need LOTS of good news!!

  • My awesome pens from Earthly Charms arrived.  I’ll be sending them out with promo packages going forward.  If you’re dying to have one, email me your snail mail addy!
  • For the HMSG print giveaway (here), I decided to give everyone a copy!  That’s really not so big when I look at how many of you were already going to get a copy. ;-)  If you want Victor, please drop me an email with your current address (even if I’ve shipped something to you before), just so I don’t have to go looking and digging around for it.  I can’t promise to get to the post office tomorrow or anything — but I’ll get there as soon as I can.

That’s all I’ve got.  What about you?

6 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. I’ve had a very good week writing wise. Received my contract for Heart’s Ultimatum this week, the third in my naughty holiday list series, and my third contract this year. It will be out in February 2012. I also started and finished a short for anthology call on monday. I need to revise it send it off to my critique partner but I have high hopes I can sell it, if not to them, than someone else.

    Also took monday off from work, which is always worth celebrating, and lost more than a pound and a half as part of RBW. All in all its been a good week.

    Hope everyone else’s week was just as great.

    1. Willa, happy Snoopy dance for you! So glad you had good news and another acceptance! Best of luck with it!

  2. My good news is I already have my copy of Victor. :mrgreen:

    1. Hugs, I need to send you some pens too! Thank you for talking Victor up at your bookstore, too. That means the world to me!

  3. Woot! You know my good news, but for everyone else, I went from a 5-minute skit part to leading half the ghost tour. That’s about a 300% increase in time, plus the audience’s almost constant attention. Different make-up, different costume, entirely different attitude. I get to be The Tour Guide of the Damned!


    I was starting to wonder if I should be sending wine, chocolate, gourmet coffee, and hunka studs your way, though. Awwwwfully quiet over in these here parts. *hugs*

    1. Wheeee, I can’t wait, Sis! It sounds like so much fun!

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