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RBW Week 12

As I feared in yesterday’s post, the scale is still up today, exactly the same weight I was last week.  However, I refuse to despair.  I’ve eaten on plan all week, making healthy choices despite my work stress.  I haven’t gobbled pizza OR chips.  I call that a win!

I haven’t been sleeping the greatest either, which contributes to a slowdown in weight loss.  All I can do is stay the course.  I know I’m doing the right things, and I should eventually be rewarded in the number category.  I should be exercising more — it’ll help with the stress and the weight factor.  I just haven’t taken the time, and I missed our weekend trek to the track thanks to much-needed rain.

New food this week:  at our favorite coffee house, they have a killer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  That Man likes to order it, and it’s all I can do to eat one or two bites because it’s so good, but also sooooo high in fat and calories.  Luckily Middle Monster likes it too, so one piece with three forks hitting it doesn’t last long.

Anyway, I decided to make a healthy version, very similar to Skinny Taste’s Pumpkin Cupcakes.  I used a carrot cake mix for the base with canned pumpkin, and then mixed more pumpkin with the cream cheese in the frosting.  Unfortunately I didn’t have reduced fat cream cheese, so mine were a little higher points but still much more diet friendly.

The kids loved the cupcakes, although not all of them liked the frosting.  Not a problem — I kept the frosting separate in the fridge, so I didn’t have to keep the whole cupcake in the fridge too.   I’d like to make a homemade cake base eventually that I can control even more, but this was a good start!

4 thoughts on “RBW Week 12

  1. Oh yum, I love pumpkin. I make pumpkin muffins for the wee beasties snacks. I’ll have to give those cupcakes a try.

    Good for you staying on track. {hugs} on the sleep. Have you tried Melatonin? As we get older our bodies don’t make as much naturally and I swear by it.

    1. The cupcakes were really good!!

      My sister used Melatonin and it did help for awhile. My insomnia right now is stress related — my mind keeps buzzing over details, stressing about what’s left, etc. Or I have stupid dreams that tire me out (last night I dreamed every account I had got hacked and Twitter people were mad at me). I woke up exhausted after changing passwords and apologizing to all my contacts! *shudder*

  2. Yeah, and eventually the melatonin stops being as effective. If you take it for several years (as I did – yeah, I’m the sister!), it stops working at all. I may try it again when I’m older, but for now, not so much.

    And those cupcakes look AWESOME!

  3. Ref: Melatonin
    I took it long enough to break the insomnia cycle. Now, I just take it on the nights my mind is whirling. I’ve been taking it for a couple years. Perhaps because I don’t take it every night is the difference.

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