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Good News Monday

With a snowstorm threatening — supposedly up to a foot of snow!  Ack! — I could really use some good news.  I don’t have a lot to report myself but thinking positive will surely help me face this ugly cold Monday.  Let’s see, I think I’m really going to have to work to be Pollyanna today.

  • Gregar showed up in Lady Wyre’s free-read prequel.  *boggles*  I know, I know, wrong universe, story, etc. but it’s working and is highly entertaining if self-indulgent.  Sherri gave me the idea about Sig and Gregar getting together to compare their knives.  Suddenly I saw them in a bar doing exactly that.  I’ve got just over 3.5K now.
  • I read a book this weekend.  I didn’t really enjoy it but since we’re talking about good news, I’ll concentrate on the GOOD and be thankful that I did read and enjoyed my Kindle!  (It’s not the book Alison Kent recommended — I’m still looking forward to it.)
  • My SIL sent me some inspirational music I can’t wait to listen to today.  Hopefully it’ll help with my Evil Day Job stress!
  • Today’s the last day of January.  Instead of dwelling on all the stuff I didn’t get finished this month, I’ll look forward to February and begin making my goals for next month.
  • Edited to add:  Another great review for Lady Doctor WyreLianna Williamson writes:

Joely’s latest novella is a stew of awesomeness: one part Regency, one part Science Fiction, and one part Erotic Romance, mixed together and seasoned with a delightful heroine who is both a legendary nanotech scientist and a silk-loving girly-girl, and two sexy heroes that she is not forced to choose between. Throw in an evil queen, a colony planet’s rebellion, a sassy female pirate, and some hot sex, and voila!

Yeah, as I said, pretty skimpy.  Do you have any good news to share this week?

5 thoughts on “Good News Monday

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  2. Yay for another great review! And I’ve always wondered what would happen if you ever managed to get some of your heroines in the same room-let alone your heroes. 😈 That’s going to be a wicked read!

  3. You never answered my question Joely…did/will both assassins leave said bar with all their fingers still attached? 😆 I agree with SJ, it’s going to be a wicked read!

  4. Only a foot is better than the almost 2 that I’m expecting!
    However, some good news includes things like we are now past the middle of winter and I just got nice warm fuzzy boots!!

  5. SJ, that could be fun too! Especially if Mama Connagher is there…

    Sherri, I honestly don’t know yet! I think both of these guys would miss some fingers though *winks*. A little blood though…

    Yikes, Stasi! Where are you at? At first they were talking up to 20 inches for us, but now we’re down to 6-10 plus ice. I’d rather have 20 inches of snow than ice. 🙁

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