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Save a Pet Today

Middle Monster (age 9) just wrote a very moving letter and she gave me her approval to post it here.  (Someone’s been watching the animal rescue shows.)

People that are out there please get an animal.  Every day more than 1,000 animals die and so if you don’t have an animal please get one.  If you don’t it will not be ok because a lot of animals die because people don’t care and leave them in the streets so please get one. A lot of those animals are starved and die from that so if you read this please don’t throw your animals in the water, in the streets, and anywhere else.  Save a pet today!!! 

Good job if you do save a pet anytime and anywhere!

2 thoughts on “Save a Pet Today

  1. I have a very old and settled psychokitty, introducing another pet at this time is not advisable. And if I were to throw my kitty in the water, I’d be cleaning my entire apartment to get the water up (if she jumps into the shower- it’s not my fault). 🙂

  2. middle monster hang in there you are doing a good job but remember you can’t save every animal and it’s not your fault.

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