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Good News Monday

Not even the smell of freshly brewed coffee could drag me out of bed Dark & Early this morning, so I need to hear lots of good news to get through this week!

  • The monsters are FINALLY going back to school today after missing 4 days last week!  (Since we’re only concentrating on good news, I won’t mention that they’re calling for another snow storm tomorrow.)
  • I FINALLY broke 5K on Lady Wyre’s free-read prequel!  Still creeping along.  I posted a snippet if you missed it.
  • I read a really good book last week (which is part of why I’m still creeping with the writing):  The Spirtualist by Megan Chance, recommended by Alison Kent.  Excellent book that I probably never would have stumbled upon if I hadn’t read Alison’s post.
  • Today’s my Beloved Sis’s birthday!  If you have a minute, go by and wish her well today!
  • I have a lot of friends who were rooting for the Packers last night!  I mostly watched for the commercials (since the Chiefs were out of it), but it was still an exciting game!

What’s your good news?

4 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Good news, hmm, let’s see…
    * Some of yesterday’s commercials were cute
    * I figured out what I need to do with my writing, at least for this week 😆
    * I’m having fun with my reading challenge

  2. My good news of the morning comes courtesy of my dentist: the molar I broke last week is nowhere near as seriously damaged as I feared. It just needs a crown, and I get to keep the tooth. Whew!

  3. We lost. 🙁 😛 So I need some good news.

  4. Yay, Sherri! A plan will help get you where you’re going!

    Whoa, Lianna, glad the dentist trip wasn’t as bad as you feared!

    SJ, hugs, That Man was cheering for the Steelers too.

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