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Gregar is Coming…Again

I’ve been thinking about another short read before Return to Shanhasson, the final book in the trilogy, comes out in October.  Last night, Gregar walked in my dreams and gave me this, below, the opening to a new short project I’m working on.  Depending on its length, it’ll either be a standalone or combined with my other Blood & Shadows short stories for Kindle in the next month or two. 

I sure wish I had his image for the cover of Shadowed.  *hint hint*

Some men tremble in the face of death.

Others bare their teeth and fight to the very end.

While I’m the cold Shadow that glides forth from darkness to slit your throat before you even know I’m there. 

My name is Gregar and I’m the deadliest, most honored assassin on the Sha’Kae al’Dan’s Sea of Grass.  They call us Death Riders, for we ride death like the wind across the rolling Plains.  My hair is heavy with red kae’als, each bead a life that I have snuffed out in the Great Wind Stallion’s name.  Vulkar, may He sire many foals.  

My ivory rahke is silent and swift.  When I draw it, I will not sheathe my blade until it is red with blood, whether yours or mine.

Nothing short of death will stop me, but you cannot kill me.

For I am already dead.

5 thoughts on “Gregar is Coming…Again

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  2. *grin* YUM *Snoopy dancing*

    But Gregar, love, do you think you could wait for Vicki’s story before distracting Joely with more of yours?

  3. No no, distract her, distract her!!! I want to hear more about the assassin!

  4. Sherri, Vicki is being a cast-iron you know what. Totally uncooperative. I might just have to send her to Mama Connagher again.

    Kait, Gregar is one of the major characters in the Shanhasson series, so he’s been around awhile. But I loooooove exploring prequels for free reads, which is what this piece will be.

  5. Um…isn’t Gregar suppose to be whipping Vicki into shape or something equally muse like? 😆

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