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Is This Gregar?

Since Gregar’s been haunting me again, I went on another search for an image I could use for his freebie/short (I haven’t decided if it’ll be FREE or .99 but it for sure won’t be more than that–depends on length, etc.).  I looked on at least 10 sites.  Bare chests and abs blended together.  Either I found someone with the right body type — but not the right face — or vice versa.  Of course nobody has the right hair.  I decided to just get body type and face close, and then hope Deena can work some magic on the hair.

Do you know what I finally used for searches?  Shadow Man.  Seriously.  Duh.  Why didn’t I think of that before?  Which led me to the following.  What do you think?

Face (my favorite I think) or face2 (lots of shadow)

Or I can just do body shots of abs and more abs.

10 thoughts on “Is This Gregar?

  1. Oh that second face shot has me just about ready to purr. 😳 The first one’s pretty delish too. Gregar-worthy even.

    Personally….I prefer faces to bodies. There’s nothing wrong with the one’s presented, but I don’t….connect with bodies the way that I do with faces. I’m perfectly willing to admit I’m weird though.

  2. You think face#2 works better than the first? I like both but there’s something about that first one… Ironic that it’s titled “bodyguard.” *snerk*

    I want a face too, but finding a Gregar-worthy face has been headbanging agony.

  3. *mops drool off chin* I vote for face 1. And all the abs. 😀

    Seriously, I’m sure Deena can fix the hair. She is a genius after all. Also, why not charge for the piece — I for one will pay just about any price for more Gregar. Really. Any price. 🙂

  4. Haha, Bethanie, I don’t want to be totally insane with the price. I’m really doing it as promo for the Shanhasson series so I don’t care if I make much on it if any — I’d rather the main series sell better. But I might charge a little. We’ll see. I’ll see what Deena can do with her magic hair….!

  5. Sorry, should have clarified more. I like face 2 from a personal standpoint but face 1 IS more Gregar-worthy.

  6. Hey, I think .99 is quite reasonable for a story, even a short one. 🙂 Then again, I’m not poor anymore (nice, for a change…), so that may be coloring my opinions…

  7. *cleans drool off keyboard*

    I vote for face one though I think the color is better on the second. Knowing who you had in mind for Gregar makes it hard…which almost makes me say abs (of which I prefer the first you linked), LOL

  8. I’d have to go with Face #1, definitely. Face #2 seems a bit “not Gregar” to me.

  9. Ohh I love the face shots!! I like those better than body shots which tend to look all the same. I love both faces but the 1st one looks…’darker’, more ‘tough’ maybe that’s what you need. =)

  10. Face #2 suits my personal tastes right down to the ground, but I gotta say that Face #1 is definitely more Gregar. More strong-featured. And definitely like he’d look frickin AMAZING with all that hair.

    But I think I’mma look at #2 just a little while longer. *drools shamelessly*

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