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Guess Who’s Talking Now

That was unexpected.

I’ve been working on two things back and forth:  Charlie and the PNR.  I’ve had some important realizations on both, but I haven’t really been getting very many words.  I’d like to run the PNR by my editor soon to get a feel for whether she likes it or not, and while I really love some things… other things were a little too stiff and not quite right.  Those kind of changes are hard to make, but I’ve been chiseling away all month.

Out of the blue today while I was working for the Evil Day Job, a new voice popped into my head.  Okay, not really a *new* voice, but not one I was expecting to hear for awhile (story wise at least – I really didn’t expect to hear at all from this particular character, but what he said makes sense).  It was Elias, from Yours to Take.

He was having a heart-to-heart.  With Mal, the Mistress of Dallas.  It seems that Colby is running into a bit of trouble.  Elias was trying to “warn” her, but knowing Mal, it really just turned her on.  Ha.

Anyway, a nice 750 words over my lunch on a story that’s coming soon but not for awhile yet.  I really need to get the next billionaire story done before Mal and Colby get into full swing, but hey, if they’re talking…

I’m writing it down.

2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Talking Now

  1. Yey. Please please keep posting I really want to read mal and colbys story

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