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Camp NaNo

I’ve never joined a cabin before, but this year I’m going to Camp along with Raelyn, Nicole and Diana.  My #1 goal:  finish the PNR.  I don’t care how many words that is, whether 20K or 50K.  I just want this done so I can get it submitted.

So I can work on the next billionaire book (which I finally got a hilarious title for – I hope they let me keep it!) and the plantation story and Mal’s book…

Sigh.  I have so many things I want to do this year!

So it’s time to get busy.

Anyone else ready to make some s’mores and tell some ghost stories around the fire?

2 thoughts on “Camp NaNo

  1. Nicole has the popcorn. I have the wine 😉

    Here’s to a productive April!

  2. Wait – there’s wine? 😉

    Here’s hoping Camp is successful! I know that I certainly needed the kick in the pants to get productive.

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