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Holiday Laziness

Happy Labor Day to all my US friends!  I hope you’re enjoying this last long summer weekend!  I have to admit it feels more like fall here today – FINALLY.  The temps have been high 90s again this past week, but this afternoon it’s a balmy 70 and was actually a little chilly last night. 

We’ve spent our long weekend on a horror movie binge.  Well, cheesy “animal” horror movies, not slasher types (too much for the monsters).  The best one we’ve watched so far is Black Water, a crocodile horror tale with only some bad language.  We also watched The Reef and Deep Blue Sea last night.  I really want to watch Snake Island but I don’t know if That Man wil make it through the movie — he hates snakes! 

While watching all these cheesy movies, we’ve been stitching.  WE!  It’s so cool.  My two youngest monsters decided they wanted to stitch too, so I let them pick out some materials from my old stash (Aida, DMC).  They’re just free-handing embroidery-style stitches, making shapes, etc.  They’ve been at it all weekend and their projects are looking really cute.

I’m still waiting on my new supplies to arrive for my next projects, and the next part of the mystery SAL hasn’t been released yet…so I pulled out an old project, Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow.  I finally finished the first block yesterday — pictures coming on Wed.  I also got a good start on the next block.

Papa from Mexico (my Dad) came down yesterday and we celebrated his birthday by taking him out to eat and treating him to some coffee from a new place we found:  Classic Rock Coffee.  I love their blend names:  Back in Black, Atomic Punk…  And the coffee is quite tasty too.  They roast it right there in house and then make some of the best mochas and lattes I’ve had since Caribou (in MN — we don’t have one here). 

Despite all this laziness and yummy coffee, the scale is at a new low this morning.  Hoping to still be there tomorrow for weigh in!

Have a happy Labor Day!

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