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RBW Week 10

Romance Biggest Winner: down .65% this week and a new number on the scale that I haven’t seen in a loooooooong time.

Did you see that our team (Double Ds, Team 2) won last week? Woot! Hoping for good results this week too.

Last night I hinted on Twitter that I was very sore. So sore I didn’t know if I’d be able to get out of bed this morning. I actually feel a lot better today than I thought. Whew. But what made me so sore, you ask?

Princess Monster has been training in PE to build up to running 2 miles this year. On their track, she has to do 6 laps (1.5 miles) and jog/run half a lap, walk, repeat — twice a week. She asked if we’d take her up to practice yesterday because she was losing a day and didn’t want to get behind. We said absolutely – we’ll all go.

So up we went to the Jr. High track. We started walking, while she did her half mile jog, then walk. Pretty soon I could tell that she wasn’t really “into” it. She didn’t have her coach there yelling at her, or her friends to laugh with. It was hard to make herself run when it wasn’t really part of her grade. She wanted to quit and just walk.

So I said I’d jog the last two with her.

*dies laughing*

Me, jog? I mean, I’ve never successfully jogged. NEVER. Even when I was young and healthy I hated it. My knee hurt in high school. I quit track after my first disastrous meet. HATED it. Plus, hello, I’m old and overweight and haven’t jogged in twenty+ years — I could keel over anytime.

But I had a sudden burst of insanity and decided to try. I told her not to pace herself with me — she’s already taller than me and has an incredible stride. I’ve got a “trot trot trot” sort of pace, which makes me snort just saying “pace” because again, I don’t jog, haven’t jogged, why am I even contemplating this?!?!

But I did it. I jogged half the lap, just like she did. Yeah, I was way behind, but because I was doing it with her, she went ahead and did her lap. I listened hard to my body — afraid I’d just break apart right there on the track! My shins did hurt a little but nothing alarming, and my knee held up okay. I had to walk the entire lap in between to recover, but then we jogged the last half lap too, and it was actually easier on my body. I was breathing like a freight train at the end, but I did it.

My tally: I jogged .25 miles (in two separate laps) and walked a total of 1.25 miles.

Of course now she wants me to go up with her all the time.

*dies* I’ve created a monster! Who wants to torture me with jogging!

3 thoughts on “RBW Week 10

  1. 😆 Ouch Joely. But good for you giving it the ol’ collage try!

    I trashed a knee in high school so while I enjoyed — not loved mind you — track, age has worked against me and both knees are bad so anything more than a brisk walk is beyond me. Good luck keeping up with her 😀

  2. Ha! Bless your heart, Sis! I’ve always said I don’t run unless something with nasty-sharp-pointy teeth is chasing me.

    However, I did do track in junior high, and I did loathe and despise it. My knee DOES NOT LIKE IT. It’s been known to buckle for no good reason mid-stride. Totally not conducive to, ya know, RUNNING.

  3. Good for you! And good for her, for getting you to do it! 😉

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