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That Man picked up the monsters a bit early from school today so they could come get me at the airport. Only one of them actually gave me a hug, and she was asleep! 🙁 They made up for it, though, over dinner. They had a good week, although each of them were in trouble for talking in class and had to walk extra laps at recess.

I had to buy another book at the airport. I finished Poison Study in Memphis while waiting for my next plane. There were parts of Poison Study that I really loved. Although it fell apart a little for me at the end, it was still a really good read. The book in the hopper now is The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen. Excellent so far. I even found time to work on Ann’s synopsis! Go, Ann!

I’ve already made a pot of Caribou Coffee which I’m huddled around while I pet my personal laptop and try to catch up on e-mail and blogs.

I’m tired, though, and work starts up bright and early tomorrow. I’m so tired I actually thought I read “wolfshitter” in an e-mail instead of “wolfshifter,” which I thought was hysterical.

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