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In the Name of Research

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A few weeks ago, I caught a bit of a new show called Peter Perfect. I don’t know that it would have caught my eye any other day…but he was making over a coffee shop. Hey, that’s right up my alley! So as I was packing and cleaning, I kept half an ear on the show. The coffee shop was Rocky Roaster, and by the end of the show, I was a Peter Perfect fan and extremely curious about Rocky’s coffee.

I checked out the website. Despite a few cart issues, I was astonished to find: Atitlan Organic. Atitlan, as in Lake Atitlan, the main setting for my ficticious Mayan ruin in Night Sun Rising. Of course, I *had* to try it!!

The description on the bag itself is inspiring:

In the town of Santiago near the lake of Atitlan, on the side of the San Pedro Volcano, there is a rainforest canopy protecting this flavorful organic coffee. It is medium bodied, highly acidic, and has a complex flavor. A great example of what organic coffee should be.

This is like reading a travel brochure for my setting! So cool!

As for the coffee…*takes another sip*…it’s not my favorite, but it’s really pretty darned good.

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