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Moving Day

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We’re in. I have no cable internet and may not for days…weeks…God only knows. No cable runs to the house (they were supposed to check all this BEFORE today) so we have to wait for a company to come out and bury a new cable. Of course, I need internet for my Evil Day Job (desperately!) and dial up sucks.

We’re exhausted. I can’t unpack the kitchen yet because I only have 3 full-sized cabinets and 2 drawers.

As for the Paintastrophe…painting itself was a chore, a nightmare, but in the end, nothing major happened other than a few boo-boos (which would have happened anyway). The color itself…leaves much to be desired. It is waaaaay too dark (I wish people would listen to me) and rather resembles bracken swamp water. Or dark greenish baby poop. Take your pick.

My apologies — I won’t be making blog rounds until my cable is back and e-mail response will be slow. If it takes more than a few days, I may have to go with DSL instead. My job depends on it.

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