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Is this Gregar?

Deena found this lovely specimen:  Pose1 and pose2.  What do you think – is this Gregar?  Personally, I think he’s maybe Dharman.  He’s not quite dark enough, in coloring or in manner; no threat of violence mixed with his wicked mirth.

8 thoughts on “Is this Gregar?

  1. Definitely Dharman. Gregar needs a wicked smirk.

  2. Kinda reminds me of Karl Urban. ^_^

  3. Agreed, Sis, but finding wicked smirks are damned difficult.

    Pesh, totally see karl there!

  4. Not dangerous enough for Gregar, IMO.

  5. Definitely NOT Gregar! Dharman? Hmmm…maybe. I don’t have as firm an idea in my head yet for Dharman.

  6. Ja, too innocent a face for Gregar… (But those arms oh my… 😯 can I really subscribe to him for $199/mo??!? :mrgreen: )

  7. Wow. Even before I read your comment I thought he’d fit Dharman more. :mrgreen: Great minds.

  8. No, not Gregar he has a much more wicked smile and darker vibe! Sigh but I so heart him!

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