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Monster Celebrations

With Princess Monster’s birthday on the 5th and Middle’s today, we had a combined birthday party yesterday.  For her birthday dinner, Middle requested homemade chicken & noodles AND chicken & dumplings; Princess requested Old Settler’s Beans.  Aunt BB and Uncle J arranged for a huge, beautiful cake (picture below).  I tried to get a picture of them with the cake, but Middle wouldn’t stand still long enough, and then I finally got a good picture of her, and Princess is rubbing her eye.  (The blue bear is Middle’s bday present from us:  Cutie Pie, a Peace Bear from Build-A-Bear.)

Today, we finally celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with my Mom (Granny) and my beloved sister, Molly.  We had a blast playin Boggle, and Aunt Molly gave the monsters Twister.  I laughed until my sides hurt!

For the Twister pictures (I tweeted them):  one, two

Birthday pictures:



7 thoughts on “Monster Celebrations

  1. EPIC!cake is epic. :mrgreen: Happy (Belated) Birthday Monsters!!

  2. ja, that cake is freakin’ amazing! and the twister photos are hilarious! i love twister!

  3. Wow, what a cake! 😀

  4. Happy Birthday to your adorable kiddos! That is an amazing cake.

  5. Awesome cake! I think we have a turret set like that, but we’ve never used it.

    Happy birthday to the Monsters!

  6. Thanks, everyone – the monsters LOVED that cake! We’ll still be eating it for their next birthday…..

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