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June’s Plan of Action

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m having a hard time moving on some books I really really want and need to finish.  I don’t know *why* I’m having a problem with them, but I have to get moving.  I *need* Lord Regret’s book done.  He’s messing up all my plans!  I also need to get Phantom done – same problem.  But I’m tackling Lord Regret first.

Instead of sulking in the corner like him, I came up with a plan of action.  I’m going to schedule 30 mins every day for just him.  I’ll start by re-reading all my notes and attempts at plot and free writing.  It might be like pulling teeth, but if I touch him (har har) every day, I’m hoping eventually I’ll at least figure out what the hell’s wrong with him.

I’m going to brainstorm, free write, jot notes, use tarot, etc. WHATEVER IT TAKES.  I’m not giving up on him.  It might be slow going, though, and I’ll go insane if I don’t feel like I’m making measurable progress.  That’s why I’m limiting my time to 30 mins only.

So the first thing I did was pick up some schedules and calendars from Clean Mama Printables.  Hopefully that will help me keep organized and not distracted.  Other than working on Lord Regret each day, I’m giving myself a few small, well-defined tasks to work on.

1. Expand the short story Well of Sky, renamed Bloodgate, for release (as a free read on Smashwords, etc.) in August to help promo The Bloodgate Warrior.  If you’ve read that story, I’m no longer going to “shut the door” if you know what I mean…  I don’t expect this to be a lot – just 2-3K maybe.  Plus a fresh edit.  The cover will be made by Book Graphics.

2.  Pull out the Zombie Category Romance and decide what I’m going to do with it.  I have a few revision ideas in mind.

3. Write a synopsis for Her Grace’s Stable and incorporate reader feedback.  I’d like to submit by the end of the month.

As time permits…

4. I’ll pull out The Fire Within for a light re-edit and format for re-release.

7 thoughts on “June’s Plan of Action

  1. Hey, you have the new Steampunk Tarot Deck…how can Sig not respond? Though I still think sticking him in a bar with Gregar might work 😉

    I love your goals Joely and I’m cheering for you.

    1. I… I need to… I must see this Steampunk tarot deck. And I may just have to get one! Holy crap!

      1. Sis, it’s gorgeous! I’ll show it off next time you’re up.

        1. Eeeee! I can’t wait!!

      2. I already have 2 decks, but from te photos I’ve seen this one is very tempting. Sigh. Enablers.

    2. I do have it, Raelyn. He just doesn’t care. *smacks Sig*

  2. Goals are good! And I like your idea of setting aside 30 minutes a day. I am (FINALLY!) going to be putting time back into writing, and I think I’ll steal your 30 minutes daily idea. That’s something I can do every day, even when I don’t have much time. Thanks for the (unintentional) kick in the pants.

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