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Lord Regret Update

I haven’t been timing myself – but rather working as I can a little bit at a time, while doing other things when I get bored or frustrated.

  • I started by reading my notes.  I was surprised how little I actually had.  I had two separate projects in Scrivener, but neither had much substance.  Is the problem Scrivener itself?  I haven’t yet successfully written an entire project there yet.  Hmmm.  Worth noting.  (I wrote Lady Blackmyre entirely in Word.  Same with the Zombie Category Romance, the last project I finished.)
  • I made a few notes about things I needed to research for the world.  Lady Wyre and her men are heading to a new planet, and I needed to do some worldbuilding and thinking about the characters and situation.  I had to research the First Opium War and Empress Cixi.  She’s a little late for “Regency” but I can’t resist her situation.  She’s a woman in power in Imperial China, a feat indeed, and she totally fits into my “When ladies ruled the universe” story world.
  • I was a little messed up by how few children the Emperor had at the time.  I was envisioning more of a succession fight between brothers, but in reality, there was only one son and one daughter.  I was thinking Curse of the Golden Flower succession fight, but I think this acually makes it *more* interesting and unique.  Still, a wrench, that requires a little more brainstorming for Cixi’s motivations.
  • I added a new character, Prince Gong, one of the Emperor’s brothers.  I think he has a tie to Seven Crows, a story I worked on awhile back in this universe but never finished.  (Originally I thought he was the Crown Prince, but again, back to the only one son situation.)
  • I started a Pinterest board for this story to gather ideas and add inspiration.

I’m going to try plotting a bit more tomorrow.  I have a big scene in mind at the end, but not much in the middle.  I need a few more candybar scenes!


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  1. Not being able to write in Scrivener…hmmm…I wonder if that’s been some of my problem. I love the program but maybe it’s ‘too’ much program? Definitely something to take note of.

    It sounds like you’ve made some forward progress with this. Wishing you a plot-full weekend 🙂

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