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Mine to Break is out now!

He’s bringing war to the Mistress of Dallas’s bed.

Mal & Colby are finally out in the wild!  Retailer links are below.

This book got me writing again after the darkness of the past few months.  Mal and Colby gave me hope and reminded me about all the things I love. I got to visit with old friends, fix a few things that I left unfinished or didn’t get quite right, and hopefully lay a few threads down for the future. There’s also an Easter egg – a character makes a brief appearance from a different series.

And blackberry cobbler will never be the same!

1 thought on “Mine to Break is out now!

  1. Hooray! I’m so behind on your blog, I didn’t realize Mal was so close to being done. I’m looking forward to continuing the Connaghers series, as I’ve read the other four books and loved them!

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