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The Billionaires are Back!

Thank you, Entangled!  All three Billionaires in Bondage books are back with brand new sexy covers. Better yet – they’re only $.99 each for a limited time. In fact, Entangled is having a HUGE contemporary romance sale and have a TON of books at that price.

2 thoughts on “The Billionaires are Back!

  1. Hi, was the arnicus, hypericum combined with coconut oil pulling good enough to heal your tooth or did you have to get something done? I was recommended to get a root canal and I’ve been doing the pulling off and on but the pain is back. I’ve heard that hypericum can help heal the nerve. I’m hoping to avoid a tooth extraction as well as the root canal. Thanks in advance for the info.

    1. I’ve not had another episode as bad as that first time. I occasionally get a twinge in the nerve, and I usually rub a little tea tree oil on the gum to nip any issues in the bud. But that does make me believe it’s not completely healed yet. Dr. Schultz Tooth and Gum worked wonders too – I just rubbed some on the gum area any time I had a bit of nerve tingling.

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