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Monsters Strike Again

The laptop is in the shop.

Okay, I can’t know for sure that the monsters are to blame, but since they’re the ones who’ve been using the laptop the most to play Webkinz, I’m pretty sure they contributed–significantly–to the problem.  Once again, I’m having prong issues.  Not as bad as Toshiba #1–when the prong broke off completely, and yes, that was totally all me–but there’s something goofy with the connection and it won’t recognize that it’s plugged in unless I jiggle the cord and hold the beast exactly in the right position.

I’ve seen Middle Monster trip on the cord a few times, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

So I’m working on George the Mac and the monsters are computerless.  Since they’ve done enough chores to earn a new Webkinz (they’re supposed to arrive today), I suppose I ought to unpack their old boat-anchor desktop after work tonight.  It’s as slow as Princess Monster getting out of bed in the morning, but it’ll be better than nothing.

And yes, all writing WIPs (work in progress) were backed up and nothing will be lost.  (I e-mail my work to myself daily, so I have it in two different external sites.)

The monsters, on the other hand, might die if they can’t play Webkinz!

3 thoughts on “Monsters Strike Again

  1. I hate when my kids play on my laptop. They aren’t physically hard on it but I worry they are loading it up with cookies, spyware and adware from their “free” games. My son has his own laptop that is running like crap. I think the games and stuff he’s downloaded has screwed it up.

  2. yeah, it’s the cookie crumbs that worry me… that and my Baby Monster’s tendancy to WHACK everything in sight as hard as she possibly can with whatever’s hand…. :mrgreen: We have old clunkers i should set up for them, but our itty bitty house is just out of real estate…

  3. oh, and great that you didn’t lose anything! you’re smart!

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