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Bad Blogger

I know, I’ve not been updating very faithfully here.  There’s just not a lot to say.  I’m editing/revising a short-ish story (just over 17K) and hope to get it turned in this weekend.  Yeah, my opening sucks.  Doesn’t it always?  Still putzing with it.  I’ll post a small excerpt later this weekend once I get everything worked out.

My main laptop is in the shop, so I’m chained to the Mac desktop, when I can fight the monsters off with a big stick.

I’m in full promo mode for The Rose of Shanhasson.  I may even have an EVENT!  We’re working on nailing down the date now.  I need to create a new bookmark template this month and order at least 5K to participate in the RT mailing.  Yeah, I never thought I’d order 5K of anything except words.

My Beloved Sister came up yesterday so I took the afternoon off from the Evil Day Job.  We watched Hellboy 2 (fun movie), talked writing, as usual, but mostly tinkered around with her domain she purchased a few months ago.  I might work on websites for the EDJ but I don’t mess with the actual server level stuff much.  She taxed me to my limits!  We finally called on Deena for assistance, and it turns out she didn’t have the right hosting package to run WordPress on her domain anyway.

And she brought me PB cookies!  Yum.  Think I’ll have one for breakfast.

2 thoughts on “Bad Blogger

  1. Stupid “free” hosting. GoDaddy’s gonna get an earful, I tell ya.

  2. Hellboy 2! Fun stuff! 🙂

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