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My New Teapot

I’m so excited!  I ordered the perfect teapot off Amazon yesterday.  Since I broke my other one, I made a joke to That Man about getting a cast iron one.  To my delight, they do make cast iron teapots and they weren’t that much more expensive.  The name of this one caught my eye first:  Cast-Iron Mythology Teapot.  It’s red, black, and has a dragon on it.  Is that perfect for me or what? 

I also ordered a cast-iron cup that sort of matches.  It doesn’t have a dragon but it looks to be the same red.  It didn’t qualify for Prime shipping, so I only ordered one, but I’d love to have a four-set of these someday.

If nothing else, I can get a workout by hefting my cup a few times while brainstorming my sticky plot mess!

I feel like I should now broaden my tea experience.  I keep English Breakfast in stock from Harney & Sons, as well as a few other store-bought tea bags like Vanilla Chai and Jasmine.  What’s your favorite tea and where do you get it?

Still sick but somewhat better.  Watch for Revision Xibalba posts today — I would love to finish another couple of new sections so I can be clear to revise tomorrow and Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “My New Teapot

  1. Oh very cool teapot, and very appropriate. I’ve been on a coffee drinking kick, but when I do drink tea, I tend to drink Twinings: English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, and Earl Grey. I also like chinese tea: Twinings also produces an excellent Oolong. My survey of coffes has been interesting: so far I’ve tried Ethiopian, Kenyan AA, and Kona (blend). I’m tempted to celebrate my first sale (when it happens) with a half pound of Jamaican Blue. :mrgreen:
    Glad to hear your feeling better.

  2. Ann, I’ve tried Twinings but didn’t really care for it. Coffee is definitely my preferred beverage, but since I’ve been sick most of the winter, I’ve been drinking more tea. Kenya used to be my favorite, then Sumatra, now my fave is Mahogany from Caribou Coffee. LOVE.

    Right before our first monster was born, That Man brought home a tiny bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain. To be honest, I really didn’t like it much. It tasted sort of dirty, like crumbled autumn leaves. A coffee shop in MN did make a terrific flavored blend called “Jamaican Me Crazy” that included Blue with rum-flavored beans and a few other flavors. It used to be the only flavored coffee I really liked, but now I’ve found “Highlander Grog” from Kaldi’s that I really, really love. (That’s what Gregar smells like, by the way. Highlander Grog!)

  3. Okay I will admit that I am an absolute tea snob. Grocery store tea is not for me. I buy loose tea from Loose tea is better, particularly when steeped in a basket as it allows for fuller development of flavor. I tend to gravitate toward the black and blended teas, with the first flush Darjeelings being my favorite, with broken leaf assams a close second.

  4. Sis, I am SO jealous! That teapot is BEAUTIFUL!

    My all-time favorite tea is Earl Grey, of course, but I’m also kinda liking India spice chai and Slepytime lately. Also green tea, though the second cup brewed from the same tea bag always tastes better.

  5. *Sleepytime

    Oi. Sorry, that bit was off-screen, so I didn’t realize until it posted that I was missing an E.

  6. I love it! I’m not the only one with a teapot collection! But yikes–this one is a bit expensive. Fabulous, but expensive.

  7. Kait, thanks for the link! I’m definitely going to check it out. I love loose tea, but I have to be careful and not steep it too long. I don’t like it when the tea gets really acidic and strong.

    Sis, I can’t wait to sit down and share a pot with you next time you’re up! I’ll order some Earl Grey.

    Tia, I paid $20 for the last pot (plus shipping) and broke it before it reached 2 years old. So I don’t mind spending a bit more on this one that will hopefully *crosses fingers* last the rest of my life! I just fell in love with the Japanese cast iron look. I don’t splurge on myself very often (beyond books, that is) and so I bit the bullet and ordered it, because it really is the *perfect* pot for me.

  8. Wow! What a gorgeous teapot! I’m very jealous, even though I’m not much of a tea drinker. I’m a coffee gal, the more, the blacker, the better. 😎 Really, about the only time I drink tea is for medicinal purposes — chamomile (from real, actual dried flowers) for insomnia, nettles for a wide variety of things, etc. I mostly get that stuff from Mountain Rose

    An interesting (well, to me…) aside about Chinese tea that I happen to know because I work for a bunch of Chinese people and which I remembered just now because of Gutterball’s comment about green tea: the way Chinese people drink tea is that they reuse the same leaves pretty much all day, they just keep adding more hot water to the same tea leaves. We actually have to describe this in the papers we publish, because it’s different from Western tea drinking practices and affects the total amount of dietary antioxidant intake. 😯

    OK, now that I’ve bored you all to tears, I think I’m going to go find some coffee! 😀

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