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My New Teapot

I’m so excited!  I ordered the perfect teapot off Amazon yesterday.  Since I broke my other one, I made a joke to That Man about getting a cast iron one.  To my delight, they do make cast iron teapots and they weren’t that much more expensive.  The name of this one caught my eye first:  Cast-Iron Mythology Teapot.  It’s red, black, and has a dragon on it.  Is that perfect for me or what? 

I also ordered a cast-iron cup that sort of matches.  It doesn’t have a dragon but it looks to be the same red.  It didn’t qualify for Prime shipping, so I only ordered one, but I’d love to have a four-set of these someday.

If nothing else, I can get a workout by hefting my cup a few times while brainstorming my sticky plot mess!

I feel like I should now broaden my tea experience.  I keep English Breakfast in stock from Harney & Sons, as well as a few other store-bought tea bags like Vanilla Chai and Jasmine.  What’s your favorite tea and where do you get it?

Still sick but somewhat better.  Watch for Revision Xibalba posts today — I would love to finish another couple of new sections so I can be clear to revise tomorrow and Tuesday.