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NaNo Day 1

Stayed up until midnight and wrote hard for just over an hour.  2,043 words.  The first day(s) the NaNoWriMo site is usually down or really slow, so I won’t try to update my official word count until later. 

Each day, I’ll include a line or small snippet from my project, Return to Shanhasson.  This is the opening line, subject to at least a dozen revisions.

Blessed Lady above, if these vipers are my allies, then I am already doomed to Shadow.

Final word count for day 1: 2797

10 thoughts on “NaNo Day 1

  1. Oh, I like the snippet idea. Might try that myself. I have my document open, I might try to get a sentence out before I head to soccer.

  2. That is wonderful for the first day

  3. Awesome first day count and awesome snippet! I’m at 1822 at the moment and got 862 in the 45 minutes after midnight, which was surprising since I don’t usually write well at night… then again, I guess technically, it was actually early morning. 😀

    I like the mini-snippet idea too… there must be one sentence that doesn’t totally suck in mine… somewhere….

  4. Wow. Over 2000 words in an hour. That’s clearly because you know where your story is going.

    I started with a pretty solid outline, but I’m still struggling to get started.

    Thanks for the tip about the NaNo site. It was beginning to irritate me not to be able to get on the site
    and put in my word count. I’m proud of the 347 words I labored over. I’m hoping to hit an inspiration
    and start moving.

    Best of luck!

    Oh I don’t have a title yet, but I’ll share a snippet…here’s the first line of mine:

    Garret Hardy knew what was coming.

  5. Geeze you write fast! 😯 Great word count, and that is one awesome first line.

    You weren’t kidding about the boards being slow either. It timed out last night/early this morning just as I was updating my word count. 😆

  6. Whoo-hoo!!! Great job, everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

  7. Soleil, I don’t always write this fast. (In fact, I expect the numbers to vary widely.) But this is Shannari, and I know her world pretty well. I was excited to get back to it. 😆

  8. Awesome start, Joely! 😀

  9. Go Joely, go Joely! Great progress, and great snippet.

    I’m posting one (or a couple) liner snippets too, but on my LJ. I’m keeping most of the NaNo stuff there, with once or twice a week updates on my WordPress blog.

  10. good first day Joely!

    I made 1709 but not til 9pm PST. I fell asleep last night and sleep thur til 5:30AM with my full spectrum lamp right in my face. my morning was like something out of your late lamented archives–who knew a cat was as full of s(urprises)as a toddler? Well I did but why today? And why twice? OK. I should save that story for a post on my own blog. 😆

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