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NaNo Day 10

I’m officially at the end of Act I.  The turning point looms, the scenes that will change Shannari’s entire life.

Today:  1,419

NaNo: 23,896


“I heard wolves this morning when I checked the na’kindren.”  Drendon shivered and touched his rahke on his hip.  With especially deep snows, their greatest kae’don came in protecting the na’kindren slowed when the predators began hunting them.  “I doubled the guards on our herd.”

“Good.  Perhaps I’ll ride into the hills this day and see if I can thin the pack before the snows even begin.”

Drendon gripped his shoulder a moment.  “Be careful, Khul.”

“Great Vulkar,” he grumbled, but without anger.  “You’d think I had never hunted a wolf or two in my entire life.  Will it make you feel better if I take a fist of warriors to hunt these vicious beasts?”

:Yes,:  Shannari answered immediately through their bond, while Drendon nodded.

Throwing his hands up in mock disgust, Rhaekhar stalked toward his waiting stallion.  “Warriors!”  Camp activity stilled, warriors standing and facing him expectantly.  “Anyone who wants to hunt in the foothills, mount up!”

3 thoughts on “NaNo Day 10

  1. You’re doing awesome!! Edits are taking over my NaNo 🙁 again.

  2. *lip trembles and eyes puddle up*

  3. Awesome snippet. Ya know, I’m ready to beta read whenever you need it. 😀

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