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NaNo Halfway

The dread deed is done.  It only took two glasses of wine to help me through this horrible point in the story.  Kidding, mostly, although the wine certainly helped.  (I’m off from the Evil Day Job for the next two days.)  A certain scene in Road was much harder than this one, but neither was pleasant.  The only bright spot for the next 50 pages or so will be deciding whether or not Shannari will keep her promise to Varne.

Another 1700 words tonight, bringing the day’s total to 3119.

NaNo total:  25,596


:You always die for love.:  Despite water everywhere, she clearly heard him [the black dragon] snort with derision.  :I much prefer hatred myself.  Die, and leave me again.  I will raze your Shining Walls to the ground when I come to your Green Lands.  Die, and drag your sweet darling boys to their deaths.  Kill them with their love.  Love certainly killed you.:

:Khul’lanna.:  If Dharman was anyone but her stoic First Blood, she would have said he wailed.  :Don’t surrender this kae’don.  Don’t surrender us to death before we ever have the opportunity to love you.  Brightest Evening Star, na’lanna Qwen, my beloved Queen, please.  Reach for me.  I can still save you, if only you will let me.:

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