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NaNo Day 11

Sitting at Kaldi’s (coffee shop) and slowly wading through drowning sorrow and angst.  It’s snowing on the Sea of Grass.  Winter has arrived, and this time, Summer may never return.

I reread last night’s section and added a bit of detail, then continued with the next section.  Slow going, but high emotion, so that’s okay.  After two cups of coffee, I need to stop and get something to eat, and hopefully find an outlet ’cause my battery’s half dead.

Home now.  Feeling rather down, but I couldn’t figure out why.  I was listening to one of the new songs on my playlist–Love Story by Taylor Swift–and I found myself in tears.  Well duh, after these past scenes, it’s no wonder.  Unfortunately, the miserable blizzard has only begun, but at least I recognized what was the matter.  To cheer myself up, I’m pushing onward from this current doom and gloom scene so Shannari can kick Varne’s arse.

Don’t get me wrong–I love how these scenes have played out.  Heartbreaking, killer scenes, taking lines from as far back as Rose and twisting them as weapons.  As an example, you might remember a certain Shadowed Blood who said something very much like this once, but as you can see, it’s certainly not Gregar speaking now.

:Run, brightheart, run to death.  Run to me.:

Today:  679  1270 words

NaNo total:

Snippet (why this book is called Return to Shanhasson): 

“Aye.”  Kae’Shaman squeezed her shoulder, his aged fingers digging into her so hard that she made a little sound of pain.  It shook her out of her dulled, frozen state, and she looked into his eyes.  “They need you to return to Shanhasson.  They need you to wear the Rose Crown, a constant symbol of love.  They need you to shine, Shannari dal’Dainari, Last Daughter, because something darker than the night comes to your Green Lands.  The Endless Night is coming.  He’s coming for you.”

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