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NaNo Day 13

Back to the Evil Day Job today, so it was Dark & Early this morning.

I started a section last night, thinking that’s where I needed to be, but woke up with a different scene in mind that happened before.  That’s the problem with “summary” scenes — it’s not always apparent what to summarize and what to live out on page. 

And of course, I’m eager to skip all this angst.  I made that monumental mistake when I attempted this story years ago — I actually skipped all of this and tried to give pieces only via flashbacks.  What a mess.

Shannari made a very difficult request today, but for spoiler reasons, I can’t share much, so the snippet isn’t as meaty as usual.

Words: 1,459

NaNo Count:  33,232


“No,” she said sharply.  They all looked at her as though she’d spat on Vulkar’s name, and perhaps she had.  “I won’t let them grow up as mindless pawns the Gods shuffle around on a chess board.  Although they’re Daughters of Leesha, they’re also mine, and they have a right to lives of their own.”

1 thought on “NaNo Day 13

  1. That sounds really important. And GREAT progress! Your resilience amazes me. I get a cold and want to crawl under a rock. You juggle things like a professional juggler. (Wow, isn’t THAT a great simile?)

    Sorry I haven’t been around. The Book, the EDJ, Life. You know how it goes. Question for you on my blog pertaining to what you’ve been talking about with your Nano, curious for your thoughts on the topic. 🙂

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