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NaNo Day 24

Tough day despite “vacation” from the Evil Day Job.  Made the mistake of logging on to time report and got sucked into a discussion that lasted all afternoon.  Combined with errands this morning, I didn’t get nearly as much done today as I hoped, but still decent progress so far.

Today: 2,011

NaNo: 59,702

Snippet:  Shannari is having a very important discussion with her Blood, preparing for something she hopes will avert a war that she can’t win.  I’ll admit, there are crucial elements and nuances deleted to avoid spoilers, but I think you’ll get the general idea.

“I’m going to need all nine of you this time.  If you’re willing.”

Grinning widely, the other Blood nodded, jostling each other in to prove their willingness to be first to offer na’lanna Qwen their blood. 

“Last time, we broke Shadow’s hold on the earth.”  Dharman reached up to the high neckline of her gown and undid the tiny buttons one by one so it hung open down to mid-chest.  She barely breathed as he folded back the white cotton, opening it enough to bare the gleaming marks on her shoulders and the upper swells of her breasts.  He wanted all to see those scarred bites on her body, especially a certain Black Dragon.  “What will you do this time, na’lanna Qwen?”

Slowly, she smiled, and chills raced down Dharman’s arms.  He felt the wellspring of holy water bubbling within her, as eager as her Blood to answer her Call.  “This time, we clip his wings and muzzle the dragon.”

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