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NaNo Day 24 Part 2

I sat here tonight writing out the BIG scene I mentioned earlier, and I reached a point where Shannari was winning.  Yes, the impossible battle I’d so carefully set in motion, nowhere near the climax of the story, and she was winning! 

I sat there, staring at the cursor, and whispered, “Oh, shit.”

I couldn’t let her win!  I needed something to go horribly wrong, so wrong that I didn’t even KNOW it could be wrong, if that makes sense.  Once again, she had the Black Dragon pinned, ready to skewer him, and I couldn’t let that happen, else lose every bit of conflict and doubt I’d deliberately built page after page.

So I sat here a few minutes, sipping on a Diet Cherry Coke, trying to ignore the burn behind my eyes that told me it was late, the ache in my wrists that said I needed my braces, and most of all, the sick feeling in my stomach that I was absolutely, horribly up Poop Creek with nary a paddle in sight.

And my playlist just happened to roll back to Savin’ Me by Nickelback.  I listened to the words.  I smiled.  And I wrote the end of the scene.  The snippet below explains everything if you know much of anything about the Keldari and why this development might be a bit of a problem.  *winks*

What’s hilarious is this screws BOTH characters, completely fouling both their plans.  Now they both have to punt — which means I need to figure out what the *@!# that means!!

Today (2nd session): 1,390

NaNo: 61,092


Dizzy and sick, she tumbled from the sky, spiraling, white feathers raining down on the sands.

:Shannari!:  He screamed through his bond, stretching out both hands toward her, his face cloaked in Shadows.  :My heart beats for you!:

Something slammed into her, breaking the vision of tumbling toward the ground, but her heart refused to beat.  She couldn’t breathe.  A massive weight sat on her chest, silver eyes gleaming, sweeping black leather fluttering in the sky, darker than the night.  Razor teeth flashed and the dragon buried his snout in her chest, cracking open her ribs, exposing her heart swollen and bruised.

:I’m Given to you.:

4 thoughts on “NaNo Day 24 Part 2

  1. Oh my. Awesome. 😀

  2. *blinkblinks*

    Yup. They’re both totally buggered.

  3. 😯 Goodness, girl… when you make characters punt, you make them PUNT.

  4. Ain’t it nice when inspiration strikes! d:))

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