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NaNo Day 31

Considering today was my first day back at the Evil Day Job after a week of vacation, I’m lucky to get any writing done at all today.  I didn’t make it up Dark & Early, and started work early because I knew I’d have a gazillion e-mails to catch up on.  After resolving half a dozen testing feedbacks or so and sitting through a couple of emergency catch up meetings (no lunch hour to sneak in even a little writing), I think I’m nearly back to square one at work.

So not a lot of wordage tonight, but SIGNIFICANT plot developments.  Oh, I’m doing some bad, bad things.  *laughs wickedly*  Climax One is almost resolved.  I have fallout to deal with, an uneasy truce to work out, and then plot how the second climax will make things even worse.  I feel the downhill slide just around the corner…

Today:  1,310

NaNo Total:  69,217

Snippet:  Again, hard to say much without spoilers, so I can only give little bits.  This is a killer scene.

Dharman pushed up to his elbows and bit back the scream of pain so hard his teeth jammed together.  Steel grated inside him, tearing his internal organs even more, but he flung himself after her.  His body before any threat, so he’d sworn.  The Vulkar-damned beast would have to eat him first.

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  1. *gasps, clutches heart* Oh, dear… 😯

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