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NaNo Day 32

Up Dark & Early this morning and eager, because I’d dreamed the next part of the section prior to falling completely asleep last night.  I had a moment of panic at first, that I’d forgotten the details, but they came to me after I got going.  I’ve switched POV several times and those sections are short (about 1K each).  I don’t like such short sections, but I can always expand later with more agony and despair.  Haha.

Today: 1,237

NaNo:  70,454

Snippet:  Again, I can’t give too many details else risk spoiling the plot, but I think you can tell from this section that Shannari is in a very bad spot.

:How can I know?:  Despair choked her, even while her fury clawed higher.  The White Dragon screamed inside her, stronger than ever.  Had the bond with the Black given her Dream even greater strength?  :How can I ever trust them again?:

The Black Dragon purred with great enjoyment.  Was he smug because she had no one left to trust?  Or was he still basking in his victory?  :There is a way.:

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