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NaNo Day 4; RX Day 26


Schedule today:

5:30 – monsters get up:  hoping for 2K.  So far, only 1269 words and the monsters are already up.  Why is it that on a SCHOOL day they sleep like the dead, but on a day of vacation, they’re up with the sun? 

I’m writing a steamy (literally) bath scene and expected it to be slow(er) going.  I also had to edit what I started last night a bit to make the scene flow.  Yeah, I know, no editing, but this was one of those things I *had* to do to set the mood appropriately.

Thereafter:  lose my mind.

Kicked the monsters outside to play until lunch (it’s a glorious Indian Summer day).  Much better.  Wrapped the bath scene up for a total of 2839 words this morning.  Whew, tough scene.  I didn’t expect the dragon to show up.  *winks*  Shifting to Revision Xibalba now.

Since the monsters were out of school, Papa from Mexico came by this afternoon for a short visit.  It took me all afternoon and evening, but I can finally report 1958 words revised/polished in the Mayan fantasy.  I’m struggling a bit with details.  I can’t remember if I covered a topic earlier or not, and I don’t want to flip through to find out, but I can’t leave it out either.  Sigh.  So even after this serious “revision,” I’m going to have to print it out and cover it with colored sticky notes for all the little things that need to be picked up or ditched.  NSR is up to 34,017 words.

Snippet:  Rhaekhar has been introduced to Keldari oil.

“I’m going…”  He arched his back, lifting his rump so he could thrust in her hand.  “To pour…that cursed oil…all over you…while I hold you down…and let your Blood…lick it off.”

5 thoughts on “NaNo Day 4; RX Day 26

  1. Dragon??!? What’s this about a dragon??!?! 😯

  2. The dragon shocked me too. Okay, it wasn’t physically there, but it was important.

    Return to Shanhasson will be the intersection of worlds, where Keldar and the Green Lands interact more fully.

    Where Fire and Blood collide.

  3. >Where Fire and Blood collide.

    OMG, I can’t wait… you may consider this my formal application to beta-read. 😀

    Also, I am Totally Addicted to the Darkyn novels and it’s All. Your. Fault. Thank you!!! :mrgreen: I went out and bought every one of them…. which I can’t afford and have no room for and I don’t care! 🙂

  4. Happy election day to all Americans. :mrgreen:

    As for the snippet…. Oh~ my! 😳 😀 Wee Dragons!

  5. Hehe, you should see the whole scene, Soleil! Those wee dragons can certainly cause some unexpected…fire.

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