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NaNo Day 3 Snippet

I have two sections (different POVs) in progress, so I thought I’d do a short snippet from each.

The first is a brand new POV that I hadn’t planned on, but works perfectly.  All caps is the Great Lord of Shadow, who’s speaking to His most faithful servant.


Something like love and devotion poured through him, although it was blackest night and smelled of rotting flesh.  There was no greater praise from the Great Lord.  He’d never hoped to be given this last, most important task of all.  :I will pay any price to taste her sweet blood and drag her into Your Shadow.  What of her barbarian husband?:

Shrieking laughter crashed through his skull like boulders tumbling from the highest mountain.  THE HORSE KING WILL NOT LIVE FOREVER.


Now this one is a bit longer, but you’ll see why. There really wasn’t a good place to break it. And well, I didn’t really want to break it. 

“We’ve never been separated, not since you nearly died in that foul cur’s prison.” 

“I know,” she whispered, fighting tears.  “I’ll follow you as quickly as possible.”

Rhaekhar sighed heavily, and she knew she’d won this kae’don.  Yet she couldn’t be pleased, not at the defeated slant to his shoulders and the worry creasing his brow.  “You must always keep the Blood near you.  I want at least these two touching you at all times.”

“Even at night?”  Sal asked, tossing his hair back over his shoulder. 

That little action never ceased to draw her attention to him, the long fall of silk drawing her eyes like a moth to flame.  Yes, flame was appropriate.  His hair was the color of a fiery sunset, and he wore it longer than ever.  Loose of any braids or ties, his hair fell to mid-thigh, longer, even than the red cloth wrapped about his hips.

“Even at night,” Khul agreed, arching an eyebrow at her opened mouth.  “How many times have assassins tried to sneak into our bedchamber, na’lanna?  What if they begin to lay in wait beneath the bed, or in a closet, or even the bath?”

Dharman snapped his fingers, and two of the lesser Blood immediately trotted about the room, searching every nook and cranny.

“Put one of them before you.  Sal, I think.  You can use his hair as a blanket.” Rhaekhar whispered, letting his voice go husky, his eyes molten gold but not with anger this time.  “Take Dharman behind you to guard your back, as Gregar did.  With two wrapped around you, no one will ever touch you with a blade.  Will they, na’lanna?”

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  1. How veeeeery interesting. I’m trying to think of who the new POV belongs to… 😎 I’ll keep my guesses to myself though.

    And yay! More Shannari/Blood interaction. 😀 Always a good read.

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