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NaNo Day 43

Slow going for many reasons, but I refused to go to bed tonight until I finished this scene.  I expected “phase 2 nagging” but I didn’t get there yet.  This is that fun scene where the afterglow has faded and everybody sits back and says, “Oh, crap, what have I done?”

At least Shannari did.  *giggles*  I believe strongly that a good sex scene typically makes things WORSE for the characters.

Combined yesterday and today total:  1,862

NaNo Total:  88,244

Snippet:  Tons of spoilers inherent in this section, so I can’t share much. 

The skin of her face flushed, tight as a drum, while her hands felt dipped in ice water.  Her scalp crawled, and her heart tried to explode out of her chest.  Dharman hissed beneath his breath and shifted closer so he could pin the dragon-clawed hand and hold her against his thigh at the same time.

:What is it?:  He demanded.  :Why are you so afraid?:

She couldn’t find the words, so she let him have the memory.

[huge revelation removed]

Face masked in murderous fury, Dharman whipped out his rahke and struck at the Keldari’s throat.

1 thought on “NaNo Day 43

  1. 😯 Dharman is pissed.

    It’s ok Shannari, WE enjoyed the violent nagging at least. :mrgreen:

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