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NaNo Day 44

The last Membra Disjecta issue in 2008 is now up, and I’m pleased to have “Prometheus Unbound” included.  It’s not new to my few and precious blog readers, but there are several other interesting futuristic and steampunk stories included for your pleasure, as well as reviews and always fantastic art, so take a look.

Long day of laundry and watching the Cardiac Chiefs lose in the final minutes once again.  Then of course I had to watch the Survivor finale.  YAY.  I’m so happy Bob won!  What a terrific, kind, brilliant man. 

But I did manage to chisel slowly at the next scene.  Another 1K came in a rush after everyone went to bed.  This is something Mykal never ever expected to live long enough to see.

Today: 2,460

NaNo Total: 90,704  Gah, the neverending book!  This is first draft, people.  I’m going to be lucky if this sucker doesn’t end up at 125K.

Snippet:  Little bits removed to keep the Big Secret.  I was going to end with Mykal’s last line, but I had to let Sal have his say. 

As soon as he opened his eyes, Mykal felt the sting of steel in his lower stomach.  Carefully, he cast his gaze down her body.  Draped over her stomach, the red-haired Blood flashed a hard smile, jabbed the blade slightly harder, and withdrew it, but he didn’t relinquish his spot between her thighs.

Ah.  Mykal  must have displaced the guard from his normal sleeping position.  Of course her other big Red lay at her back, eyes steady but not challenging.  Bewildered, Mykal searched his gaze, trying to understand why they’d allowed him to live.

She knew the truth.

Throat tight, he whispered, “How can you forgive me?”

He didn’t expect an answer, but she nestled closer, cupped his face in her palms, and smiled.  When she opened her eyes, they glowed with a soft light that made his heart stutter in his chest.  “Because I love Mykal, I can forgive [secret].  We do have a problem, though.”

“Tell me and I will kill it.”

She snorted and looked down at the guard lying on her stomach.  “Sal, do you mind?”

“Aye, I do.”  He licked her stomach and shot another glare up at Mykal.  “But for you, na’lanna, I shall do as you ask.”

“I’ll make it up to you.”

The guard’s eyes lit up and he nipped her stomach, slithering lower.

“Sal,” she said warningly.  “Later.”

5 thoughts on “NaNo Day 44

  1. 😮 You torture us… and we love it! More, more, more! :mrgreen:

  2. Oh, and I meant to add: I think it’s awesome that Bob won survivor!! And he is definitely terrific, kind and brilliant, but then, he’s from Maine, just like my mother, and it’s hard NOT to be terrific, kind and brilliant when you’re from Maine! 😀

  3. WEE for Prometheus Unbound! :mrgreen: ….Steampunk you say? *flees to Membra Disjecta*

    😎 Gotta love the little “love bites”. Sal’s quite the frisky youth isn’t he?

  4. I can’t wait til I can read the whole thing (not to rush you or anything). :mrgreen:

  5. hehe, torture indeed! Bob won the fan money, too, proving he could not only win the game but do it in such a way that the viewers loved him too. (We TiVo’d the reunion and didn’t watch it until tonight.)

    And yes, Sal is “frisky.” You should see what’s happening in the hall as I type. *winks*

    Ann, I’m DYING to finish this draft! Of course it needs some serious editing later before I’d dare let anyone sneak a peek…

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