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NaNo Day 45

Not as much progress as I hoped today.  I admit, the new shiny pretty has arrived, begging and singing sweetly of all the wondrous story to be discovered, if only I will abandon the hard drudgery of the current story that doesn’t want to end.

And oh, what a shiny, pretty story this new idea will be. 

I did spend some time this evening browsing Deviant Art for inspiration and found the menfolk of the story.  The ladies are proving a bit more challenging, which is typical for me.  (I never did fully settle on an image for the heroine in Given in Fire, either.)  To give you a sampling, I’m thinking this and this would be nice.

I could flap about this new idea for hundreds of words if you got me started.  It’s actually TWO ideas I’ve had for a while that suddenly morphed and melded into something else.  If I told you the premise, either you’d think oooooh, cool, or you’d scratch your head, because it’s a very strange combination to say the least, but it’s giving me that feeling, the one that says GO FORTH AND WRITE THIS ASAP because it’s big and meaty and strange.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything even close to this.  *knocks on wood*  *so I said about my Mayan story in 2005*

Speaking of which, I must finish the second serious pass on the Mayan story before I write the new shiny.  That’s my project for January, while I plot and worldbuild the new one.  It needs a lot of worldbuilding, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Now, back to NaNo and the Big Book That Wouldn’t End.  I finished the phase 2 nagging with serious change ahead.  But then Sal stuck his pesky self into my plans and demanded a little attention.  I always thought Dharman would struggle the most with Mykal, but (as usual), I was wrong.

Today: 789

NaNo: 91,493


Sal smiled at her Keldari so hard his face must hurt and his fingers stroked the rahke on his hip.  Irritated, she shoved into him, using her whole body to push his back against the stone wall.  Before he could react, she unsheathed his rahke and pressed the tip to his throat.

Na’lanna Qwen…”

“Enough, Sal.  Do you need me to remind you how much I love you?  How much I need you in particular?”  She twisted her wrist, deliberately breaking his skin, and leaned in to brush her lips against his.  “What do you give me that no one else does?”

“I need you to hurt me.”  His eyes darkened, his breathing quickened, and he nodded rapidly.  “Please remind me, na’lanna.”

She sheathed the rahke back on his hip and settled her hands on his waist.  “What do you need me to do, Sal?”

He tried not to show his anticipation, but a rather smug little smile curved his lips.  Tossing his head in that flirtatious way that sent his heavy blood auburn hair tumbling about her, he replied, “I need you to bite me.”

“How hard?”

“As hard as you wish.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be any fun if she didn’t give him exactly what he wanted — only not quite what he expected.  :lol:  :mrgreen:

3 thoughts on “NaNo Day 45

  1. 😯 hee, hee, hee! OMG, I so can’t wait to read this! :mrgreen:

  2. I am quite curious about the Bright Shiny you have!!

    And gotta say, I commend you for your slog. My slog is so weepy in comparison. *shakes head* 😀

  3. 😳

    *squees with Bethanie* :mrgreen: Go Joely go!

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