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NaNo Day 50

How much do you want it?

That’s what I kept asking myself this morning.  After a long day of shopping yesterday and feeling like death warmed over for two days, I lay in bed this morning whispering that very question to myself.  How much did I want to finish this book? 

Enough to get up early on a Saturday?  We’re going to be gone all day today, celebrating our wedding anniversary (early) with an afternoon movie and dinner at my favorite restaurant, Mythos, in Joplin.  It’s very likely we won’t be home until 8:00 or later tonight after the hour and 45 minute drive back.

If I wanted to guarantee time to write, I had to get up.  So I did.  Not a creature was stirring, not even the monsters, and I wrote for a good two hours this morning uninterrupted.  I made it through the first big surprise and all hell is breaking loose.  Shannari suddenly finds herself with neither Mykal nor her two nearest Blood at her side for the first time in years.

And surprise number two looms just around the corner.

Today:  2,721

NaNo: 96,845

Snippet:  Certain details removed to keep the secret.

:If I shift, I’ll be a dragon that you’ll still have to put down.:

:Nobody is going to put you down,: she snarled back, letting him have a good taste of the White Dragon.

:I’m ruined, brightheart.: 

His control wavered a moment, long enough to let her see his injuries more clearly.  Laughing, a man tilted a silver flask over Mykal’s lower abdomen.  Howling, bucking, he fought to get away from the acid that smoked and blistered his flesh.  It ate away his body, caving his stomach in, dripping down his legs and ribcage.

:Let me die.:

5 thoughts on “NaNo Day 50

  1. Good for you Joely! :mrgreen: Making great progress.

    Hope you enjoy your date with that man. 😀

  2. Good job getting up – you are awesome, lady! :mrgreen: I seriously thought about it myself, because I SO want to get to 80K by Christmas (sadly, that’s not looking like it will coincide with The End), but we’re leaving at 6AM tomorrow for FL and have packed NOTHING, the kitchen was a nightmare and there were mountains of laundry…. so I have written not a single word today… 😥 I’ll make myself do my 750 tonight, no matter how tired I am, but that will probably be it. Hoping for Big Words in the car, though. They’ll all be pen and paper, but who cares! Words is words, right? 😀

    Anyway, hope you have a great date!

  3. Thanks, Soleil! We had a great dinner. Movie was merely okay, but it was still fun.

    Bethanie, have a great trip! I hope you were successful and your last minute prep wasn’t too stressful! Any words definitely count, even written on a napkin with crayon. 😀

  4. “How much do you want it?”

    Wow, I love it. Such determination. I hate asking myself that question because I don’t always like the answer.

    Glad you felt well enough to enjoy your annivesary.

  5. Thanks, Rene. I am definitely determined to finish this story. Our anniversary isn’t until 12/23 but I’m glad we were able to celebrate early!

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