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NaNo Day 51

I did it.

No, I haven’t quite hit “the end” yet, but I’m only a few thousand away, at most.  I made it through the grueling second surprise and final climax of the story.  The bad guys are defeated.  The good guys limped away, for the most part.  Now I still have one more scene in mind near the present to wrap up the resolution, and then the epilogue that ends the ENTIRE series.

Bring out the Kleenex, ’cause if you’re not bawling by the last page, then I failed completely.  I’ve seen this ending in my mind for YEARS and it’s been a long time in coming.

Why yes, Virginia, there is an end in sight and I will hit it by Christmas.  Since I have tomorow off from the Evil Day Job, the end will come tomorrow.  I guarantee it, as long as the power’s not off or a natural disaster doesn’t strike.

Today:  4,505

NaNo:  101,350  *dies* 

Snippet:  Sorry, short once again to keep the spoilers to a minimum.  This happens right before the big second surprise is revealed.

Shadows flickered behind her.  If Gregar had her back, then Dharman would be free to assist Sal with the dragon.  He turned away and felt a lurch in her bond, a sudden surge of fear that sent the hair crawling on his scalp and his heart pounding like stampeding na’kindren.  He whirled.

Na’lanna Qwen had vanished.

5 thoughts on “NaNo Day 51


    You can do eet! *pulls out black pom poms* So close!

  2. Near congratulations! I hope to be able to write that long-envisioned final scene of Forging a Legend one day.

    And oh yes! Go for the tears! If an author can make me cry, I’ll never forget them, even if I had problems with the rest of the book. To yank tears out of the reader is just plain good storytelling.

  3. *snerk* No comment. On the snippet, anyway.

    Fracking AMAZING on the “end in sight” thing, though! You’re awesome, Sis, and I can’t imagine how good it must feel to finally be on the last leg of such a long, painful, and danger-ridden journey!

  4. WOOHOO!! Congratulations hon! I’m so thrilled that you were able to brind the ending to your story that you wanted. :mrgreen:

    I also wanted to take a minute to wish you and your family a very happy holiday!


  5. Ohhh, Joely, that’s great!!! Congrats. 🙂

    One big Fail over here. I have till New Year’s to write… roughly 10-15k words? I have the whole end sequence – DM’s, climax, resolution – to go and the holidays are just eating me alive and I am totally letting them. Gah.

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