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Oooh, Pretty!

The various imprints of Drollerie Press now have their own websites!  Take a look — they’re very pretty.  Of course, you can find *everything* still at the Bookshop, which also received a new look.

Pen Flourish (Romance & Erotica)

Quadrivium (Science Fiction)

Kettlestitch (YA)

Grotesqueries (horror) (I always think of really horrible queries.  Ha.)

Gauffer (mystery)

Chrysography (literary)

2 thoughts on “Oooh, Pretty!

  1. “Ooooh, Pretty!” is right! Wow! I love-love-love the Pen Flourish graphic! And all the others too, come to that… Wowie-wow (as Junie B. Jones would say)!! Just makes you want to hang out there… :mrgreen:

  2. Very cool. 😎

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