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Pass the Dunce Cap

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I’m taking an incredible PhotoShop class (in which I’m woefully behind thanks to finishing Road and getting NSR out to the American Title contest) and I could really use a dunce cap.

I SUCK at graphics! It just doesn’t make sense to me. I must take even the most basic of instructions and dissect and study each component, and then try it a dozen times until it makes sense. I think I’ve finally figured out layers. A little. I played with the magic wand last night and just about turned myself into a frog. I wept over the hero’s nose. Okay, not really, but Zahak’s nose was definitely a challenge. A huge thank you to Deena for helping me! Hopefully her list of how she did it will make sense once I get a bit caught up with the class.

To give myself a break, I switched to reading Cindy Speer’s The Chocolatier’s Wife. Ohhhh, what a lovely read. I ended up staying up later than I planned so I could finish it. Absolutely sweet and touching romance, and I loved the letters back and forth between William and Tasmin. Watch for more on this book — Cindy and I are planning some kind of chat/interview to celebrate the releases of our stories on June 20th.

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