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RBW Week 1

The Romance Biggest Winner

Well, today was our first weigh in.  I feel sorry for my team because they’re a little handicapped by having a member who’s already been dieting for six months.  No huge loss for me this week but I did lose *some* (whew, I was up a little yesterday and was really worried).  They need not fear that my little .23% loss will win the grand prize, but hopefully I’ll be consistent and steady!

I completed another Power 90 session today.  Pushups are getting a little easier.  I should have done it yesterday, but a short story clobbered me upside the head yesterday and instead of using my lunch to workout, I wrote instead.  *sheepish*  I’m a little behind on walking so I need to hit a couple of miles tomorrow.

My new recipe try today:  mashed sweet potato with Greek yogurt.  This is a huge step for me because I don’t really *like* sweet potatoes much.  Not even my mom can get me to eat her sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving.  But lately, I’ve been enjoying roasted sweet potatoes, so I decided to try it.  I went savory with chili powder and garlic instead of sugar and cinnamon as the recipe called for, and it was good.  Not yummy, OMG you have to try this, but good.  I’ll try it again.

2 thoughts on “RBW Week 1

  1. We love you Joely. Even if you don’t lose a million pounds.

    I love sweet potatoes, but I could never stand them sweet. I don’t understand why people do that. I went to a BBQ place and they covered all their sweet potato fries in cinnamon sugar. They were like cinnamon toast fries. Yuck! I took them home and heated them up and covered them in ketcup, and they were okay. But not anymore. Not on my RBW diet 😉

  2. I. Love. Sweet potatoes. Now I want some sweet potato fries. But I don’t have any sweet potatoes.


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